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The types of workouts for different people


There are various type of workouts like strength gaining, endurance, hypertrophy, crossfit and HIIT (High-intensity interval training. It’s completely up to you what thing you want to attain and what your goal actually is. HOW TO FIND WORKOUT FOR YOUR BODY: It is a really common question that how to find a good workout for […]

Having GOALS


okay so achieving a good physique requires a mindset or goals which helpus to be motivated and on the track. I’ve seen alot of people loosing and not getting back up as they get demotivated  and vulnerable but there’s always a reward after struggle and failure. WORKOUTS: Hence,  being a looser never help us but […]



Hi, this is Hamza. I am not going to get into long introductions and details rather i’m going to keep it simple and easy. This place is all related to fitness and as i am into this for almost 4-5 years i think i am able to guide those who themselves don’t want to be […]