The types of workouts for different people

There are various type of workouts like strength gaining, endurance, hypertrophy, crossfit and HIIT (High-intensity interval training. It’s completely up to you what thing you want to attain and what your goal actually is.


It is a really common question that how to find a good workout for body? The answer depends upon the percentage of fats you are hanging with. If the percentage of your fat is above 13-15% then you guys must be doing a fat loss programme otherwise it is vice versa.

To check the body fat you guys either can buy a fat measuring caliper or either go to doctor for really thin detailing.


The strength gaining is all about strength of your body, diet and workouts and how to increase that strength! There areĀ  a few many ways which will definitely increase strength. Basically when the strength of a body increases the size of your mucles increases as they directly related with each other and so gaining strength is a whole of muscle building process when followed by a good diet. I will be providing some pdf’s later on which will include the workouts an diets for your body and workout type.

When it comes to muscle gaining, i say that muscle can be either gained but strength exercises like following 1-6 repetitions or following hypertrophy range of 8-12 repetitions.

and when talking about dtrength then hypertrophy is completely a different thing. Then we have to follow less rep range and focusing on high weight with a good form.


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